• Mark Snyder

Jellyfish - The Wellborn Spirit Animal

Since revamping our Wellborn Strategies website and social channels, you may have noticed the video of our jelly friend and wondered how it relates to our brand. Like all good marketing professionals, we want to share the story and meaning of the jellyfish and its connection to the Wellborn brand.

After many discussions as a team, surrounding our shared vision, as well as, our goals for the agency, we decided that we wanted our team and more importantly, our work to be much like the jellyfish. Thus, we chose this creature as the firm's spirit animal.

Much like the jellyfish, Wellborn Strategies strives to be:

  1. Flexible. Just as our malleable friends float through the water accepting the environment they encounter, our team continuously adjusts to the external conditions of the market allowing us to pursue and accomplish client goals throughout any condition.

  2. Transparent. Although jellyfish may be literally transparent, our agency approaches transparency in regards to our relationship with clients, as well as, in our communication efforts for clients. By embodying this idea of transparency our agency builds trust with our clients and between our clients and the market through genuine communications efforts.

  3. Ongoing. While these sea creatures are constantly "moving" as they never cease movement, Wellborn Strategies continues to progress by continuously growing our knowledge and capability in order to maintain relevance in our field. Through this constant growth we are able to fulfill our client needs and do so with the most current knowledge and tools available.

  4. Intentional. Although jellyfish live a simple life, they do so with intention. Everything they do revolves around survival, their feeding habits, their constant movement and adaptive abilities are all characteristics which allow for the jelly's survival. Likewise, with every campaign we create we do so intentionally. Wellborn Strategies operates on foundations of research allowing us to make purposeful decisions for our clients.

Ultimately, we believe the marketing world has a lot to learn from this simple, yet dynamic creature. Plus, you have to admit our jellyfish video is pretty cool (and nerdy).

Learn more about the jellyfish here.

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